September 24, 2018

Social Media Advertising to Sell More Stuff!

by Simple Strategies in Social

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Social platforms provide advantages for marketers in comparison to traditional internet advertising, in that you can reach people with particular backgrounds and interests. You can also reach people who are highly engaged in the content they are viewing. There are many social platforms that you can advertise on, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of the best:


Facebook provides a means for businesses to create ads that display in either a user’s news feed or in other locations of the site. According to experts, “68 percent of US adults use Facebook, compared to just 28 percent for Instagram, which is the second most used social network by adults in the US. 96 percent of social marketers say the ROI for Facebook is greater than other social platforms.” So it’s definitely a great platform to reach potential consumers.

Additionally, Facebook’s ads are not only very targeted, but affordable, too. For example, starting at $5 you can boost your company’s posts to a far greater audience than what would generally see them. It is also effortless to create and manage the ads, which are typically approved quickly. Sometimes in a matter of seconds.

On the downside, advertising on the platform is highly competitive. So, to succeed you really need to know what grabs people’s attention on the site. You also need a clearly defined business goal that the ads will drive.


Instagram is an excellent platform for businesses looking to connect with a younger and more dynamic user base, who are also more likely to engage branded posts than on other social platforms. Ads display directly in people’s feeds.

Regarding strengths, you can perform very detailed targeting on Instagram. You can target by interests, demographics, behaviors, and locations, and you can choose from 11 different campaign goals. It is also a very visual platform, so you can really show off your products and services. At the same time, you do not have to spend a lot of money creating your ads, as people actually expect to see visuals created by ordinary people.

Instagram, though, does have its drawbacks. Its audience is far smaller than Facebook, and if you want to reach older people, it is probably not your best choice. It is also not the best platform for wordy types of ads.

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Twitter offers a social platform that reaches hundreds of millions of active users every month, with ads displaying in people’s feeds, searches, timelines and even profiles. Like with most other social platforms, you can target your Twitters ads to a particular audience based on interests. There are also many different types of ads you can choose from.

However, Twitter ads are far from perfect. Their analytics are not as in-depth as other social platforms, and Twitter ads can be more easily missed because of the very nature of the platform. Tweets tend to go by very quickly, and Twitter users tend to spend only short amounts of time there.


Snapchat lets businesses display short video ads on their messaging platform, which like Instagram, is very popular with young people. The advantage of Snapchat ads is that they command greater attention than ads on other social platforms. Sometimes significantly more attention. Also, unlike on some other platforms, their video ads have the sound turned on by default.

The disadvantage of Snapchat ads is that they are short by their very nature. So you must be able to get out your message quickly. Also, users can skip the commercials, which leads to shorter viewing times than video ads on other platforms. Finally, ads display at the end of user videos, which is perhaps not the greatest way to engage users.

So, which social platform should you advertise on? The choice is really dependent on your audience and goals, and the type of ads you will produce. For more information on the kind of content to include in your social media posts, check out our other articles!

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