August 19, 2017

We’re Live! We’re Local! We Work with You from the Ground Up!

by Above the Fold in Strategy

Three years ago on a summer road trip my husband and I got talking; you know those blue sky conversations that start with What if?  What if we won the lottery?  What if we had our own business(es)?  What if…  He has his dream (and it’s his to share) and I had mine.  At the time the technology did not exist to execute mine; at least not in an effective way.

Technology caught up and it’s now or never.  Above the Fold Canada was conceived in the front seat of a hot car on a summer road trip and born July 4th this year.  It’s now live to you and growing like a crazy out of control teenager!

We aim to achieve one thing, more than anything else.  Make online simple for local businesses.  Chain stores have teams of people to manage listings, reviews, social media and websites.  How are local businesses to compete?  We believe the answer is Above the Fold Canada.  We have the experience, the technology and the partners to help local businesses succeed.  We make it simple to manage your online world including your Listings and Customer Reviews (We can even intervene before a poor Review is posted online. How ya like them apples?), Social Media and Blogs and manage or develop a website including optimizing your search engine terms and targeting ads to your website visitors.  We promise not to talk techie, and we will support you with SMART Marketing services (IE we come to your business to plan and execute your full marketing strategy) when needed.

We bring more than 20 years of marketing, communications, sales, local business, retail and customer service experience to the table.  We work with an award-winning team of planners, designers, writers, strategists and local experts who want to see your business thrive.

Give us a try today!  Our free online assessment is open to all local businesses, regardless of size or location.  Don’t pass up this opportunity to see your business through your customer’s eyes.  Complete the contact form here and we will contact you shortly with the results.

Stay tuned, we’ve got some exciting plans ahead.  Watch as we move local businesses above the fold on Google, Bing and Yahoo!