September 21, 2017

There’s a Secret to Keeping Customers

by Above the Fold in Strategy

Customers are a Powerful Marketing Engine

According to the Sept. 28, 2017 edition of Forbes magazine, author Jeff Bezos says, “customers have incredible power as a result of transparency and word of mouth.”

How can your business harness this power? Can you manage this new-found power to your advantage?

As customers become more public about their buying decisions, share their experiences and provide recommendations about the businesses they choose, you, as the business owner and manager, can amplify your business by welcoming this new public-engine of marketing.

Customer Conversations

Customer reviews, social media, blogs and any other tools are really one thing – conversations with your customers. A bad review is only detrimental when you don’t respond; don’t make it right or don’t realize it is now a public record. Every business makes mistakes and simply put, some customers are more difficult. Turn your toughest customers into champions to win the power of public-lead word-of-mouth for your business.

The bad review that invites follow-up, provides direct contact to the President or offers a full refund in a public forum demonstrates to future customers that your business is concerned about making it right. Add the ability to have a sense of humour or personality to your response and you’ve got a winning formula to keep disgruntled customers smiling.

Four Steps to Respond to a Customer Review

  1. Respond as quickly as possible. Whether you respond directly through Google My Business, Facebook or our Reputation Management tool, responding to your customers promptly will keep the search engine giants smiling on your website.
  2. Respond to all reviews – positive, neutral or negative. All customers deserve a moment of your time to thank them for their comments, offer insight into their purchase or hear steps to make it right.
  3. Keep your response above reproach. Remember your response is public. No matter the comments from the customer; no matter how difficult the customer was, keep your response positive. This can be the most difficult part of responding quickly and is often the #1 reason businesses work with us to help respond to their reviews.
  4. Share the good news! Shout it out. Keep positive reviews on your website, on your social channels and on your listings. Put the power of peer-influenced marketing to work for your business.

Embrace this new age of purchase transparency; accept it and find ways to use it to build your fan base. Your business and customers will thank you.

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