September 6, 2017

Shopping Local is Where It’s At

by Above the Fold in Strategy

Out and about this week and I realized how much I rely on our local retailers.

Early in the week I stopped in at Lakeview Fine Foods.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit them, I strongly suggest you do.  You’ll see the same staff day after day, they know their products and they know their customers.  In grocery, that seldom happens anymore.  My favourite story about the staff, the butcher in particular, happened a few weeks ago.  I was buying chicken thighs and asked how long I needed to cook them.  I was just drawing a blank; I couldn’t remember if thighs were like ribs and needed to boil first, or if I could just quickly cook them.  The butcher’s response was, as straightforward and dry as could be, “Until they’re done.”  Then he realized I might take offense to his response and quickly checked my response.  I chuckled pretty good.  I think he was a little relieved.  wink wink  Good place.  Great folks.  Check them out.

I also dropped into Opex Fitness Regina more than a few times to work with my coach Luke Rossmo.  I really enjoy the environment at Opex and am always surprised how hard I work on my own versus the competition of someone else doing the exact same work.  For the most part I am seeing slow steady progress.  Keyword: progress.  All good.

After all that time at the gym I needed a treat and thanks to the recommendation from Shara at Prairie Paleo Meals I heard about Pro Bake by M, a local gluten-free protein bakery.  Her treats are delicious!  You must try them.  I picked up Double Chocolate Muffins and Peanut Butter Balls from Body Fuel Organics.  I’ll be heading back soon!

Total disclaimer.  As of writing this post, none of these businesses are clients.  These are my real thoughts.  Those who know me know I don’t BS well.  I’m a straight shooter.  Check these places out, and if not these local businesses, find your own local favourites.

Have a great week!