September 28, 2017

Marketing in the Digital Age

by Above the Fold in Strategy

Marketing today means having more conversations with your Customers

Successful marketing was always about understanding your customer.  Even back in Henry Ford’s day when he told customers You can buy the Model T in any colour!” What he meant to say, was any colour, as long as it’s black!  But Henry had the thought right – the customer is right – give it to them however they want it.

Today, we focus on where the customer is, and what we problem we can solve. Your customers are online. Whether they search for products and services, use social media to communicate or want to learn more about your business via your website – customers are online.

How to Compete with Digital Marketing

Many thanks to Sherry Knight at Dimension 11 Ltd for the invite to join her on Knight Views with 91.3 CJTR Community Radio.  Sherry is an expert and foremost leader in HR, public speaking and business. Sherry invited us in to talk about digital marketing and managing your online presence.

Where has digital marketing come from? Where is it going? And how do businesses compete?

Find out by listening here.

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