May 4, 2018

Kids Don’t Remember Their Best Day of Television

by Barb, Local Business Owner in Social

Kids Don’t Remember Their Best Day of Television

Campfires. Swimming in the lake. Sleep outs. Climbing the hill.

Friendships that have lasted a lifetime.

These are the memories that make up Camp Monahan.

Camp Monahan, a special place to be, celebrates their 75th anniversary this year, providing summer fun for kids of all ages. A sleepover camp nestled in the Qu-Appelle Valley, the camp boasts outdoor activities, crafts, games and growing up the ol’ fashion way.

Is there anything better in the warm summer months than the outdoors, campfires, hiking, swimming and hanging out with friends or making new friends?

My first year at camp I bunked with three other girls who had been to camp before and knew the ropes. We would talk for hours, sleep hard and eagerly be ready for breakfast the next morning after a long night of gossip. We were awarded badges for Best Cabin that first year and I’m sure went home bragging to our parents about our accomplishments.

Camp Monahan Kids outdoor camp
campers in the 80's
lifeguarding at the pool

Kids still take turns cleaning the facilities each day and do their share to keep the tent or cabin clean. Everyone’s bed gets made by inspection and week-long winners get to gang up on the knowing Counsellor.

The outhouses have been upgraded since our time, but there was something special about your day to clean the outhouses. We even managed to find some fun in cleaning latrines!

camp monahan outhouses
camp monahan outhouse

The words to a few of the songs have changed (Anyone remember the original words to “The Great Ship Titanic? “Husbands, and wives, little children lost their lives, it was sad when the great ship went down…” Yeah in hindsight not the best for little kids!) But some of the time-tested favourites remain. “What’s your name little boy? My name is Lemme.”

As a camper and now a parent, the memories forged at Camp Monahan are never forgotten and cannot be surpassed. The laughter, the friendships, growing up and gaining independence.  

Canoeing in the lake. Spending the whole day outside. Cooling off in the pool. Talking all night long.

Camp Monahan, a special place to be.

What are your kids doing this summer?

camp monahan entrance sign
CITs in the 80s
CITs 80s
CITs in the 80s

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