You know your business and we know ours. With over two decades of experience, we can create actionable strategies that truly deliver measurable proof of performance. Whether starting out in business or ramping up, put our experience to work in your business. Read more about our results in these brief case studies.

Your business is online. 

We make it simple to manage your online presence.

If you want tangible plans to maintain loyal customers, acquire new business and grow sales. We can deliver concrete strategies and tactics for your business using the tools you already have – your website, social media, business listings and advertising.

Still need a business name and logo? Don’t have a website or want to learn more about social media? We can help with that too. And we can make it simple for you to manage your online presence. Check out our extensive list of free resources to get started.

From the ground up, we can help you GROW.

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Barb McGrath, Chief Marketing Officer, Above the Fold Canada

To start, we offer a free assessment of your online presence – your website, social media, listings and advertising. The assessment provides you with the information needed to make decisions about how you want customers and potential customers see your business.

The assessment asks Google, where are my customers? How can I get more customers? How can I improve my online performance? The answer is an opportunity for you to see how customers view your business. Learn how competitors are advertising online and compare your business to others in your industry. You will know what you need to do to effectively manage your online presence.

The result of the assessment is a “Snapshot” detailing the opportunities available using your business listings, reviews, social media, website performance and advertising.

Your online assessment will determine if:

  • Online information about your business is consistent.
  • 5-star Reviews from customers will improve your search rank.
  • Social Media posting is leading to customer acquisition.
  • Website visitors can find you and easily use your website.

The assessment is a powerful tool to determine the success of your business. It’s 100% free – who doesn’t love free! – and will provide you with valuable insights to manage your online presence.

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We can help your business be found “above the fold.”

Above the fold” was originally a newspaper industry term used to describe stories and advertisements on the top half of the front page.  This information was considered high priority and given prime placement in the daily edition.  The term has evolved to refer to the development of web pages and while there is much debate about the term, it is clear that top-of-page placement in search results is directly correlated with businesses who are effectively managing their online presence.

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From the ground up, we can help you grow.