September 7, 2017

H1, H2 and H3 Tags…Exciting stuff!

by Above the Fold in Websites

Teach a man (or woman!) to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.  This quote from 1885 holds true today; even in our world of technology.

Today, we would say, “Empower a business owner to succeed and her community will thrive.”

Google indicated late in the fall, search trends are changing. See below to understand how your business may be impacted.

  1. Consumers are searching for the “BEST” product and/or service within their search terms.  Sell coffee?  Consumers want the best coffee.  Sell cars?  Consumers want the best cars.  Sell insurance? Consumers want the best insurance product.  You get the idea.
  2. Near me. Consumers want to find businesses in close proximity to where they are when they search. Restaurant, clothing, service-based businesses. Everyone is impacted by the near-me search.

Consumers are searching for the “best” product and service in all search categories.  This trends towards consumers seeking the best, means business owners need to continue to put their “best” foot forward in promoting their products. No one person or business can be the “best” at everything.  Knowing your customer and knowing your products or services is key to being able to engage with your customers.

Business owners can ensure their business is included in search results for “near me” by keeping business listings up-to-date, and creating as many listing as they can manually sync. Alternatively, there are a variety of listing sync services available. These services keep 100’s of listing sites up-to-date with the most current hours, address, sales, menus, services and specials. If “near me” is a relevant search for your business, a listing sync service can save you hundreds of hours throughout the year. Watch this quick video to learn more about how listing sync works.

Ready.  Set.  GROW!

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