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Managing your online presence includes a complex list of websites, data providers and tools. Together, these tools can bolster your online reputation, improve your search rank and garner your website the top of Google.

Whether you prefer a Do-It-Yourself approach or a fully managed service, or even somewhere in between, we are here to help. You can chose to manage the services below individually, or contact us to learn about our Success Centre, where you’ll find the ease and convenience of managing all of these sites from one central location. Access to the Success Centre is free; get started today!

In case you missed it, the free online assessment includes nearly all of the services below as well as dozens of other sites.  Consistency is key to bringing customers to your business and your online profile is no exception.  Let us help simplify your online presence or use the handy tools below to get started.

If you notice something missing from the list below, an error or a broken link, please be sure to Contact us and be entered to win a 1-month complimentary Reputation Management account.

Get Found on Google


Business & Productivity Tools

  1. Try G Suite for business and find a host of free and inexpensive marketplace apps.
  2. Check out Google Hangouts for audio and video meetings.
  3. Learn a new skill from Lynda. Register for free with your public library card.

Reputation Management


  1. Learn about Google My Business.
  2. Talk to us about setting up a Listing Builder account for free!
  3. Create a Yelp listing.
  4. Review your YP or DirectWest listings.
  5. Go beyond the usual and sync a menu of services, products or food to your listing.
  6. Search your profile on Google.
  7. Search your profile on Bing.
  8. Search your profile on Yahoo.


  1. Respond to Google Reviews with Google My Business.
  2. Respond to Facebook Reviews.
  3. Glassdoor Reviews.
  4. Indeed Reviews.
  5. Yelp Reviews.
  6. Bring all your Reviews together with our Reputation Management account.
  7. Looking for some help generating reviews and responding promptly?

Social Media Marketing

  1. Create a Facebook page.
  2. View your Foursquare listing.
  3. Do you have a Google+ profile?
  4. Create a LinkedIn profile.
  5. Create a Twitter profile.
  6. Create a Pinterest account.
  7. Create an Instagram account.
  8. Check your YouTube account.
  9. Your blog or RSS feed.
  10. Create a Snapchat account.


When we assess your social presence, we compare your posts to competitors in your industry. These sources provide a comprehensive picture of your current performance and allow you to determine whether any changes are necessary.

If you are ready to measure social media effectiveness, monitor competitors and determine share of voice check out our Social Marketing account, Social Syndication and Social Posting options.

Proof of Performance takes on a whole new level with Get Social (find value in the dark social mentions) and Simple Social (influencer marketing on social media; IE recognizable public people supporting brands)


  1. Closely monitor your website usage with Google Analytics.
  2. Build a website with WordPress hosted on the Google Cloud Platform or develop your website using Website Builder, a simple drag and drop interface for 1 page websites to product catalogs in the 100s! Custom domains available.
  3. Looking for blazing fast upload speeds, daily back-ups and refined caching? Then it’s website hosting with the Google Cloud Platform you need!
  4. Ready to amp up your website? Here are just a few tools:
    1. Add website chatting.
    2. Chat bots for your website (impersonated chatting)
    3. Capture in-store leads with Social Wi-fi to share information with your customers.
    4. Take online booking.
    5. Use Visual Visitor to see your website users.
    6. Landing Pages
    7. Blog posts
    8. Website SEO
    9. Conversion Audit
    10. List your event on Google Home and Amazon Echo with Burbio.


Take your advertising online with these services:

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Facebook Business Manager
  3. LinkedIn Ads
  4. Combined digital advertising for Calls and/or Visits to your store.
  5. Mobile Device Advertising
  6. Data-mining with custom mapping of customer locations. This is a great approach when you want to break into a new area, new target market or extend your service offering. By defining your geo-fence, you can precisely target your online advertising.

Sharing is caring and we empower you with this list to more easily manage your business online. We hope to make it simple to understand your online presence, though we’re here whenever you need us.

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Mark Melby

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