Is Your Website Pulling it’s Weight?

Websites that Work

Websites that work. It’s our mantra around here lately.  We see a lot, let me repeat, A LOT of websites that don’t work. And by work I mean, do your work for you. Convert customers. Make sales. Book appointments. Make sales. Talk to customers. Make sales. Capture leads. Make sales.

Appearances Only Go So Far

You don’t have to tell us. Business is tough. And if you own your own business, it’s even tougher. There’s not enough hours in the day. We do it too. We use our website to book appointments. We use Messenger to talk with customers. Don’t get us wrong, we love people and we love to talk to people. We simply need our website to do some of the work. We made a huge investment in our website; now we expect it to do some of the work.

The appearance of a website only goes so far. (As in life!) And at some point your website needs to work for you.  Websites are built to promote a business, showcase products, highlight special promotions, communicate with customers and in some cases provide password protected content.

Beyond the content, the images, the search-friendly page names, is your website doing it’s fair share of the work? Think about it. If you had the privilege, (and by privilege I mean are old enough to remember), buying traditional advertising a few years ago, you expected the promoted sale to be a success. You expected customers to be aware of your promotions. You knew you were successful when the neighbours mentioned they heard you on the radio. Now don’t misunderstand, looks and appearance will get you going, but sooner or later, looks will fade and now you need a site to do its share of the work and carry on its share of the conversations (with customers).

A Website is Your Storefront

What’s changed? Well first, how much advertising reaches each of us daily has exploded. Advertising content comes at us from every possible direction. Our brains have learned to selectively tune it out, to protect our heads from exploding! We naturally block out the information that is not of interest, and have heightened awareness for the ads that are of interest. (Ever notice after you buy a new car, that everyone is driving the same car? That’s heightened awareness.  Read on if you want to see cognitive dissonance used in a blog post too!)

Second, just because we build it, doesn’t mean they will come. Baseball dreams or not, building a website is the same as opening your storefront. A website is just part of doing business. It IS your storefront. Just as you need your lights on, and doors unlocked for customers to enter, so to do you need your website up and running. There was a statistic reported by Google a few months ago, claiming consumers trust businesses with websites 70% more, than those without.

Listen to Your Website

Many customers come to us saying, I built it, where are they? (customers). The businesses are posting content to social media and have no idea if followers are customers. They know nothing about their website visitors.

A website that works, pulls it’s weight. It is one that tells you about your visitors. Tells you where your website users come from (ie how they find your site). A website that works can tell you where your visitors live, their age, gender and even their interests. Websites are very telling when you put them to work.

Let your website do some of the heavy lifting for you. Not sure how? Start with our FREE assessment of your website and online properties and finish with a detailed plan of action to set you on a path to a website that works.

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Wanna Website that Rocks?

Improve Your SEO

Knowing how to make your website rock, means knowing what impacts search results on Google, Yahoo or Bing. Fortunately, the big three share their insights on a regular basis.  As digital strategists, we closely monitor these trends and bring the results to you!

Website headings have always been key; but they are becoming increasingly important. Consumers use search, and more so voice search, to find the “best” local product or service. Do your headings make it easy for Google to know your product or service and demonstrate you are the best? Or the fastest? Or the most unique?

Review and Update Your Headings

Make it easy for Google to understand your website by using one H1 on each page, and as many H2’s and H3’s as is appropriate in their numerical order.  H1, H2, H3, H3, H2, H2, H3, H3, H3.  Don’t skip from H1 to H3 just to make your page look good.  Let the search engines read your site by creating headings that tell your story. (That’s actually how search engines read – by headings.)

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H1, H2 and H3 Tags…Exciting stuff!

Teach a man (or woman!) to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.  This quote from 1885 holds true today; even in our world of technology.

Today, we would say, “Empower a business owner to succeed and her community will thrive.”

Google indicated late in the fall, search trends are changing. See below to understand how your business may be impacted.

  1. Consumers are searching for the “BEST” product and/or service within their search terms.  Sell coffee?  Consumers want the best coffee.  Sell cars?  Consumers want the best cars.  Sell insurance? Consumers want the best insurance product.  You get the idea.
  2. Near me. Consumers want to find businesses in close proximity to where they are when they search. Restaurant, clothing, service-based businesses. Everyone is impacted by the near-me search.

Consumers are searching for the “best” product and service in all search categories.  This trends towards consumers seeking the best, means business owners need to continue to put their “best” foot forward in promoting their products. No one person or business can be the “best” at everything.  Knowing your customer and knowing your products or services is key to being able to engage with your customers.

Business owners can ensure their business is included in search results for “near me” by keeping business listings up-to-date, and creating as many listing as they can manually sync. Alternatively, there are a variety of listing sync services available. These services keep 100’s of listing sites up-to-date with the most current hours, address, sales, menus, services and specials. If “near me” is a relevant search for your business, a listing sync service can save you hundreds of hours throughout the year. Watch this quick video to learn more about how listing sync works.

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