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Saskatchewan’s 1st Google My Business Agency

Saskatchewan to Become ‘Most Verified’ Province with Saskatchewan’s First Approved Google My Business Agency

No need to trek to Silicon Valley for expert advice on using Google My Business; Above the Fold Canada is Saskatchewan’s first Google-approved agency. The Regina-based agency already manages dozens of Google listings for clients across Canada, and they are excited to bring this high-quality service to the province.

An accurate Google My Business Listing signals to customers that business owners care about their patronage. “Our vision is for Saskatchewan businesses to become the most verified, and subsequently, most profitable, in Canada,” said owner and woman entrepreneur, Barb McGrath. “As a province, we have significant business capacity, and it’s our number-one goal to help Saskatchewan businesses show off all they have to offer.”

Google My Business Listing for Above the Fold Canada

You Don’t Exist if You Can’t be Google’d

In a world where you don’t exist if you can’t be Googled, a Google Business Listing is one of the most powerful and fastest ways to climb the search engine ranks. Now, Saskatchewan businesses have a local agency that understands their needs, from the local market to the world-wide-web.

Get Found on Google

“Google knows we all want to trust what we see in a business listing,” said McGrath. “By working with a Google-approved agency like Above the Fold Canada, businesses can be sure they’re getting it right and customers can be sure they’re getting the accurate information. It’s a win-win situation.”

Above the Fold Canada, a Google-approved agency, provides marketing services to local businesses including website design, social media strategy, marketing automation and online reputation management. With more than 20 years of experience, they support local businesses wanting to manage their online presence and turn browsers to buyers and thinkers to do’ers.

Above the Fold Canada is your local source for simple strategies that create real results. We help business owners create raving fans for their business. Turn browsers to buyers and thinkers to do’ers today.

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Google is Taking Action

Too many business owners being scammed


It’s one of the most common complaints by business owners relying on Google My Business; unsolicited, unwanted calls related to their Google Business Listing. 

Google My Business is the most popular platform for business listings on the internet. It is also the most powerful, as so many other directory listing sites rely on Google for accurate information. Given the power and influence of the listing site, Google is clamping down on a large number of companies inaccurately representing themselves as being associated with Google.

Don’t Be Fooled

It is important to note:

  1. Google will never call you unsolicited.
  2. Google My Business is a free service from Google.
  3. If you are concerned about a call or email from a company claiming to be associated with Google, verify their legitimacy via their website or Google.
  4. No company can guarantee ad, listing or search engine results.

According to the news release from Google, “We’re committed to building products and programs that help small businesses grow.”  As such, Google is taking legal action against a host of companies claiming to be associated. To read additional details, visit the full release here

Protect yourself and your business. When hiring a company to help with your Listing, always talk with them at length to be sure you understand the full value of their service. 

Google My Business is an extensive listing service that allows you to add a description, texting, posts, respond to reviews, photos and so much more. Check out your Listing today!

Above the Fold Canada is your local source for simple strategies that create real results. We help business owners create raving fans for their business and turn browsers into buyers and thinkers into do’ers.

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Got Found on Google

Got Found on Google

The Value of Business Listings and Customer Reviews for Success

Job #1 around here is client success. When our clients achieve their goals, we all succeed.

Imagine a 24,000% increase in your business

Imagine if your business saw a 24,000% increase in business interest? That’s what happened to one of our clients.

In a 30 day period, he saw a HUGE increase in interest for his business’ services. He came to us with a single goal; to make his business sustainable as his sole source of income.


To help the client achieve the goal, we set out to build a strategy that was simple, easy sustainable and very low-cost.

How to Create a Simple Reputation Management Strategy

  1. First up on the plan was a solid business Listing.
    • The client adds Posts to his Listing on a regular basis.
    • He includes images that represent his business and his approach.
    • Using his customer’s keywords, he is able to match his Listing and services with what customers are searching.
    • We included direct access to his booking app, phone numbers and location information.
  2. The client needed a web presence, separate from their personal social media accounts.
    • We used Google’s ‘Site‘ tool to build an easy to use, single page site.
    • Then we uploaded pictures that represented the work the client does.
    • Links were included directly to the client’s booking app.
    • We added business hours and location.
    • And we included content that described and differentiated the client from others in the business category.
  3. Asking for Customer Reviews.
    • Customer Reviews are one of the fastest ways to drive traffic to your Listing and website.
    • Our client asked his raving fans to leave Reviews on his business Listing.
    • On a regular basis he continues to request Reviews to drive local traffic to his Listing.

Asking for Reviews, or responding can be tough. It’s very un-Canadian of us to ask people to praise our work. For some tips and suggestions on how to respond to Reviews, or generate Reviews, read here or watch here.

Our client was able to make his business self-sustaining within 60 days

Overall our client saw significant online traffic but more importantly was able to make his business self-sustaining within 60 days. His success is not uncommon when paired with the right tools and experts. To achieve this success in your business, start with a free assessment!

Managing your online presence does not need to be time-consuming, frustrating or overwhelming. We work with dozens of businesses everyday to help them manage their online reputation. 

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Above the Fold Canada is your local marketing source for simple strategies that create real results. 

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