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Managing Your Online Reputation (free webinar)

FREE Reputation Management Webinar Reputation Management is the sum total of your website, social media, listings, reviews and all of the online content you produce (digital footprint) within your business AND all of the content online that references your business, your products and services or your personnel (digital shadow). Today, Barb had the pleasure of [...]

Google My Business added Messaging to Listings!

A month or so ago, we woke up to wonderful news from Google. Local businesses can now connect with their customers with ease.  Messaging, or Texting, as we often call it is available on select Canadian accounts, so be sure to check your accounts today! Messaging can be connected with any SMS capable device in your [...]

How to Respond to Customer Reviews

Responding to Reviews is Key Customer love 'em or you hate 'em, but either way every business gets Reviews. And that's a good thing! Customer Reviews can improve your search results by 10%! Customer's seem to share their opinion from every direction. Facebook. Google My Business. Indeed. Yelp. Glassdoor and dozens more. Think of [...]

It’s What Makes a Neighbourhood, a Neighbourhood

What is Your Story of Thanks? Local business owners everywhere rejoice when they receive a 5-star Review. Do your part today and support a local business. Customer Reviews are one of the easiest and most effective ways a local business can improve their search results. Do you know a local business you'd like to [...]

Brainiac Bundles – The Value of Your Email List

The money is in the ______________. Did you guess it? The money is in the LIST! You’ve probably heard it a million times, but there is a good reason for that. Your mailing list is the #1 asset that determines the ultimate growth of your business. Today’s most successful entrepreneurs, coaches, and service providers know [...]

Google My Business Go-To Guides

Google Makes it Easier for Small Business Google recently introduced a series of tools and Go-To Guides for small business owners to make it easier! Easier to get found online. Easier to manage your online presence. Easier to engage with your customers in their platform of choice - Google. These Go-To Guides simplify the process [...]

Micro Moments that Matter

When Google tells an audience of Regina businesses how to improve their search engine results, standout in a cluttered marketplace and drive sales, we listen. With trillions of pieces of search data, Google is helping marketers laser target customers, and business' customers. By understanding the customer intent, context and immediacy, we can now reach [...]

The Secrets of Marketing Revealed

The #1 Best Marketing Strategy of all Time The #1 best marketing strategy of all time has not changed in the last 10 years.  It has not changed in the last 20 years.  Maybe even the last 50 years or more. Whoa, stop the presses!  Digital is where it's at.  Online is king.  Mentions, hits, [...]


We have the power to lift one another up; celebrate our differences and show incredible compassion to all who were impacted. Let this terrible event bring you together with loved ones. Find the depths of your kindness and embrace those closest to you. #VegasStrong

Marketing in the Digital Age

Marketing today means having More conversations with your Customers Successful marketing was always about understanding your customer.  Even back in Henry Ford's day when he told customers "You can buy the Model T in any colour!" What he meant to say, was any colour, as long as it's black!  But Henry had the thought right [...]