October 30, 2018

4 Ways Creating Content for Facebook Can Be Challenging and What to Do About It

by Simple Strategies in Social

If you are like many businesses, you had good intentions when you started marketing on Facebook. Then, you got busy with life and the day-to-day operation of your business, and you pushed marketing on Facebook to the back of your agenda. If this scenario sounds familiar, then you are giving up one of the best marketing tools in your arsenal. While there are many problems with using Facebook to market your business, here are four ways to solve some of the most difficult ones:

Employ Social Listening

Way too many companies try to use Facebook to connect with their customers without spending time listening to those customers. Facebook provides you with a forum where it is easy to listen to your customers. Therefore, use it to engage with real people. Assuming that you are doing a great job in other areas of your business, thanking people for their business on Facebook is a great way to build up customer’s loyalty. Just make sure you are taking the time to respond professionally to each comment be it positive or negatively. If you do not have the time, then some businesses will do this for you.

Post Engaging Content

One of the most significant challenges of using Facebook as a marketing tool is writing engaging Facebook posts. According to Word Counter, Facebook posts with 40 characters or less generated the highest engagement at 86 percent, although they only accounted for 5 percent of all retail brand wall posts. Which means you’re probably going to want to also use plenty of pictures, infographics, videos, and other type of content when strategizing.

Know Your Objectives

Another major problem that business people face when marketing on Facebook is not setting clear objectives. Therefore, they do not know if there marketing is being effective or not. Instead of making a guest, create marketing goals that are specific, measurable, relevant, attainable and timely. Then, work towards meeting those metrics on a daily basis.

Reach Your Targeted Audience

Facebook provides you with a wonderful opportunity to find out who your target audience really is, and why they believe in your product. You would not be the first company to discover that your target audience is not the people that you think. Facebook makes it easy to create lists based on people’s behaviors and interests along with allowing you to create lookalike audiences based on who is currently following your Facebook feed. According to Entrepreneur, you’re going to want to avoid targeting too broadly, boosting posts, copying ads, or make the ad solely about you or your product.

There are many different reasons that your company needs to be on Facebook. Start using the site at least once a day and your company will grow tremendously.


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