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Your business is online. We make it simple to manage your online presence.

Websites, social media, advertising and listings can turn browsers to buyers and thinkers to do’ers.  If you’re ready to see results, read on!

From the ground up, we can help you GROW!

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A unique approach

We recognize that you have a choice when deciding how to build your website, publish your social media, correct and sync your listings or strategize your digital advertising. And we want to be your 1st choice.

We also recognize that your budget is limited. It is unlikely that your business makes money on an hourly rate, and we don’t charge by an hourly. Our straight-forward prices are posted in The Marketing Store. We use a retail-based pricing model, meaning there is a flat fee for products and services.

Our Reviews

Luke Rossmo

Barb is exceptional in her domain. Her unique approach is invaluable and leads to increased exposure which leads to increased business. She is also very approachable and genuinely cares about her clients. She also effectively conveyed information in a way that allowed me to understand.

Jeff Salisbury

Barb is a pleasure to work with. She’s driven and incredibly knowledgeable with a multitude of digital marketing tactics and strategies.

Gary Weisbrodt

Comprehensive marketing knowledge delivered in an easy to understand way.

Mark Melby

Barb is well versed in the digital world and knows what is currently working in the social media arena. Our visit and discussion around communication and it’s importance was very enlightening and informative. Highly recommend talking to Barb!

Nadine Howard

Barb has been a life and business saver for me! Building an online presence for your business isn’t easy and takes precious time, but Barb helped me tremendously! She knows what she’s doing, and so great to work with! I highly recommend her. I’ll definitely continue to work with her on an ongoing basis!

Karen Wotherspoon

Barb makes the world of digital marketing easy to understand for those of us who aren’t so technologically savvy! Its obvious she has tons of knowledge and is passionate about her work.

Sheena Onrait

As someone who still considers herself new to the digital world of advertising, the knowledge and expertise that Barb has is astounding. She has such a wonderful way of knowing exactly what our business needs, sometimes even before we do.
I appreciate all the time and research that she has done around internet marketing and the assistance she has given our business thus far. I am excited to see the metrics and how our business grows in the digital world over the next few months!

Angie Hicks

Barb brings you decades of marketing smarts combined with a deep understanding of how to use the latest digital tools to make sure you’re seen online. Get her in your corner!

Jim Aho

Barb is one of the brightest marketing stars out there. She’s smart, genuine and driven to succeed. I recommend her most highly.

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You know your business and we know ours. With over two decades of experience, we can create actionable strategies that truly deliver measurable proof of performance. Whether starting out in business or ramping up, put our experience to work in your business. Read more about our results in these brief case studies.

Your business is online. 

We make it simple to manage your online presence.

If you want tangible plans to maintain loyal customers, acquire new business and grow sales. We can deliver concrete strategies and tactics for your business using the tools you already have – your website, social media, business listings and advertising.

Still need a business name and logo? Don’t have a website or want to learn more about social media? We can help with that too. And we can make it simple for you to manage your online presence. Check out our extensive list of free resources to get started.

From the ground up, we can help you GROW.

Your Free Starts Here

To start, we offer a free assessment of your online presence – your website, social media, listings and advertising. The assessment provides you with the information needed to make decisions about how you want customers and potential customers see your business.

The assessment asks Google, where are my customers? How can I get more customers? How can I improve my online performance? The answer is an opportunity for you to see how customers view your business. Learn how competitors are advertising online and compare your business to others in your industry. You will know what you need to do to effectively manage your online presence.

The result of the assessment is a “Snapshot” detailing the opportunities available using your business listings, reviews, social media, website performance and advertising.

Your online assessment will determine if:

  • Online information about your business is consistent.
  • 5-star Reviews from customers will improve your search rank.
  • Social Media posting is leading to customer acquisition.
  • Website visitors can find you and easily use your website.

The assessment is a powerful tool to determine the success of your business. It’s 100% free – who doesn’t love free! – and will provide you with valuable insights to manage your online presence.

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We can help your business be found “above the fold.”
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Free Resources

Your business is online. We make it simple.

Executive Social Media
Social Media


Managing your online presence includes a complex list of websites, data providers and tools. Together, these tools can bolster your online reputation, improve your search rank and garner your website top spot.

Whether you prefer a Do-It-Yourself approach or a fully managed service, or even somewhere in between, we are here to help. You can chose to manage the services below individually, or contact us to learn about our Success Centre, where you’ll find the ease and convenience of managing all of these sites from one central location.

And don’t forget, the Above the Fold Canada FREE, online assessment includes nearly all of the services below as well as dozens of other sites.  Consistency is key to bringing customers to your business and your online profile is no exception.  Let us help simplify your online presence or use the handy tools below to get started. Continue reading “Free Resources”

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How To Wow Your Customers

Responding to Reviews

Responding to Reviews puts you at the top in customers’ minds! Harness the power of customer-lead marketing by responding quickly and briefly using these four steps.

Positive Reviews
Negative Reviews

Why respond to a positive reviews? It is 100% worth your time to talk to your raving fans! This is FREE word of mouth advertising. Here are four steps to make you a pro at responding to reviews.

  1. Say Thank you!
  2. Include your Business Name.
  3. Throw in a dash of Marketing.
  4. Invite the customer to spread the word or come back for another visit.

What about negative reviews? Should you respond and risk a public dispute, or just ignore the comments? It’s just one person anyway. Heck no! Replying shows customers feedback is important to your business.

  1. Apologize and Empathize.
  2. It’s ok to add a marketing message.
  3. Keep it short and simple.
  4. Provide an offline contact.
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The Largest Marketing Store

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Not sure where to start? We offer a free assessment of your online presence – your website, social media, listings and advertising. The assessment provides you with the information needed to make decisions about how you want customers and potential customers see your business.
Websites, social media, advertising and listings can turn browsers to buyers and thinkers to do’ers.  If you’re ready to see results, shop on! We are The Largest Marketing Store.


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